API Docs

Now with an undersanding of how STAC items and collections work we can look at how to query data. Behind the scenes sat-api queries both collections and items to find matches, so that if you search for eo:off_nadir=0, it will return all of the Landsat-8 scenes even though eo:off_nadir doesn't appear in the items themselves, only in the landsat-8 collection.

Any metadata field that appears in the items or collection properties can be queried by providing those as parameters in the form of key=value as shown below.

Range searches

For numeric fields a range of values can be specified by providing the begin and end values separated by a slash.

Geospatial searches

No search term is more important however than the a geospatial query to find data covering a specific area. The core STAC spec allows for searching by providing a bounding box, with more complex 'intersects' query to query against user provided polygons. Sat-api does not currently support the [simpler] bounding box query, but does support the 'intersects' query.

Caveat emptor: Due to the way sat-api does the two pronged search of collections and items, a side effect is that queries fields that are absent from both will match scenes. For example, if a typo occurs in your query like datetme=2017-08, then that parameter will be ignored but no warning will be issued. This problem will be fixed once we implement validators into the API.